Monday, July 15, 2013

Come and Get It

Jenny Wrens have invaded the feeders.  When I initially looked out the window there was one.  Suddenly two.  A few minutes another member joined making it three.  At last count there were five.  There's a mixture of peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds and birdfeed in the feeder.  I like to mix it up so I can attract a variety of feathered friends.     

A female Downy Woodpecker takes her turn at the buffet.  I forgot to add more feed, so it was empty for a few days.  I haven't seen her lately.  I wonder if she showed up, it was empty and moved on.  Glad I got a few good shots of her just in case she doesn't return.  I'll have to set up a schedule so I can remember to fill the feeders.   


Friday, July 12, 2013

Fireworks Over the Beach

Hope everyone had a Happy Fourth of July!  I spent the holiday at the beach with my family.  We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the fireworks.  How did you spend your holiday?

Growing Bigger Onions

I planted yellow and white onions this year from sets and they're doing well.  So sorry that I didn't plant red.  This is my first year, so I'm anxious to put a few to the taste test.  They've gotten larger than I expected.  It seems the secret is to keep the weeds away, looks like I have some work to do, but allow the bulbs to set above ground and continue to grow.  I've learned that some gardeners cut the tops back to 3 - 4 inches to steady them from strong winds and to keep them from blocking the bulbs of other onions.  Do you cut your onion tops back?

My mini white belle peppers have emerged and look great.  Can't white to taste these babies with a few sausages this week-end along with a few of my onions.  What type of onions do you grow?  Let us know how you store them?


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden Tour - Now and Than


The Blue Lake pole beans are filling in nicely around the teepee trellis.  They've made it to the first rung on the teepee and continue to climb.   

The Boston Pickling and Straight Eight cumbers have progressed and starting to climb the netting.  I'm hoping for a good crop this season for salads and pickles.  Wished I had planted a few salt and pepper, but there's always next season. 


Tomato Row is looking good.  I see lots of canning and BLTs in my future.  I have two volunteers, below.  It will be interesting to see what emerges.  The two volunteers will make 16 tomato plants for the season.  I had several volunteers in the perennial garden, but I pulled those.   

Check out my neighbor's tomato patch.  I love the circle idea.  I'm assuming they're hybrids since he uses the small cages.  I wonder if it would work with heirlooms?  I also wonder how I would get to the center to harvest, lol.  Okay, scratch that idea.  My arms aren't that long. 

                                                  My neighbor's tomato patch.


My yellow and white onions are doing great.  Wish I could say the same for my garlic, it didn't come up.  Anyone have any ideas as to why?  I'm wondering if it was the soil.  I wished I had planted red onions.  I'll add them next season, but I do have one lone volunteer.  I'll allowing it to go to seed, and will hopefully start my own red onions bunches for planting next spring. 

I purchased the yellow flowers from my favorite nursery, but didn't keep the tag.  I have no idea what they are, but I love them in the garden.  They look like a variation of the marigold.  


It's amazing how a few weeks can make a difference with the plants.  My peppers are doing pretty good.  I have chilies and banana peppers and few white belle.  My first year for the white belle.  I'm anxious to see how they do.   I planted a mixture of chilies, yellow, purple and red I also have a Purple Beauty and jalapeno and Hungarian Wax.  What's happening in your garden?