Friday, October 25, 2013

Picking the Last Peppers

We're getting frost in my area, so I'll be closing my garden soon.  I headed out to see what was left, I have peppers and quite a few green tomatoes that need to be picked.  I decided to pick what peppers I could.  They got a late start for some reason, so my jalapenos and belles are half the size they should be.  I'm going to pickle these, I should be able to get several pints for the winter.   The chilies, Hungarian Wax and Banana peppers did well. 

I'll head out tomorrow and pick the green tomatoes that are a good size and remaining peppers.  I plan to can the tomatoes for fried green tomatoes this winter.  How do you use your green tomatoes?

I'll probably pull the tomato plants and start cleaning up the garden for fall mulching.  I closed the garden last year in early October.  I do plan to plant garlic this week-end since it didn't do well this spring.  Wish me luck.  Have you closed your garden for the season? 



  1. That is a pretty nice last picking. You did good with peppers this year. My bell peppers started awesome and then just kind of sat.

  2. our garden is done, finito. It will be while before it cleaned up and tiled for next spring. We still have some potatoes to dig, but that's the end of it, finally. It was really ugly garden this year. So many things went wrong. We will plant garlic hopefully today for the first time. I am excited. You have quite a pepper crop. Our peppers plants didn't do well this year. Perhaps next year. My mom always made green tomato pie. She seasoned it like apple pie. I liked it, but I don't think anyone in my family these days would eat it.

  3. We're expecting our first killing freeze Monday night, so I've pulled the main tomato plants, but left two cherry tomatoes. A few cosmos and marigolds are looking pretty in their final days. There are snap peas, carrots and parsnips yet to be harvested (the snap peas will never make it, I fear), and a new bed of baby spinach plants will be shrouded in plastic and my fingers will be crossed they will eventually grow large enough for consumption. The remainder of the garden is ready for winter!

  4. If I remember right, my mom and I made green tomato relish one year. Other years she would make a couple of meals of fried green tomatoes. Yum!