Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everything Is Waking Up

My azaleas are starting to bloom. Azaleas are one of my favorite plants.  I love the burst of color that they give you in a shrubbery bed and they're easy to grow.

My Hostas have exploded over the past week.  I have several planted in this particular shrubbery bed.  They get huge with beautiful lavender blooms during the summer.  My day lily pictured on the left is coming to life too.  

I love my dogwood.  It not only has religouos signifance for me, but it's such a beautiful tree.  I had 2, white and pink.  I lost the white one several years and never replaced it.  Now that I'm adding additional bed, I think I may replace it now.  The tree actually does quite well in my soil.

My Bradford Pear is shaping up nicely.  I had it cut back several years ago, so this is the most blooms that it has had for a while.  So far I'm pleased with everything that's blooming. 

I'm amazed at how much my lilies have grown over the past few weeks.  We've had a lot of rain in the month of April, the plants thirst has been quenched for sure. 

This is a picture of some of my lilies from last summer.  I'll be cutting back shrubs this week-end and edging the borders so we can lay fresh mulch.  We'll finally going to have a week-end of sunshine! 


  1. Oh, by the way, I love your header, too. Classy!

  2. These are great pictures. Thanks for letting me know through your other blog about your new addition. I'm going to like it here!