Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garden Harvest

My cukes have given me a pretty good crop so far this season.  Last year was a bust. I made 4 quarts of spicy dill refrigerator pickles over the week-end, and they are delicious.  I marinade them for several hours and than refrigerate them for 10 days.  Not sure if all 4 jars will make it that long.  I see one being opened and devoured over the week-end.   

I was able to harvest a few tomatoes.  These are Black Krim and chocolate cherry.  The cherry went into a salad and the others sliced with mayo.  One of my Straight Eight cukes got away from me and started to turn yellow.  I was able to savage the other end to add to my salad.  The squash was fried for dinner. 

I planted a mix of chili peppers this year.  These chilies are huge.  Not sure what type they are.  Does anyone know what they could possibly be?  I chopped them for the freezer.  I'll use them in my chili over the winter.     

My green beans are producing like crazy.  I've put 4 gallons in the freezer so far.  I should get  another picking or two before I pull them.  This is a mix of Blue Lake and Jade. 

I found this little fellow on one of my bushes last week.  First time that I've ever seen a snake on my property in the 20 years that I've lived here.  Needless to say, I didn't hang around long after I spotted him.  I think I set a new record for the 50 yard dash!  Thankfully my significant other was there and removed him for me.   What's happening in your garden?