Monday, June 25, 2012

What's Eating My Zuchinni Leaves?

What's eating the leaves on my zucchini?  I've been doing research, but I can't find any pictures that look like this.  If anyone has experience with this and knows if or how I can treat it before it spreads, please leave me a comment.  It would be appreciated!  So far it has only affected 2 leaves. 


  1. you have any Japanese beetles around? We have a a few and that is what they do to our squash.

    1. It's cucumber bugs! I've been trying a soap & oil solution, we'll see what happens. The plants are still blooming at this point. Any suggestions? The are now eating the cuke leaves. I really don't want to use a pesticide.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I did buy my Chesnook Red galic at a local garden store that sells organic garlic to plant in the Fall. But I also looked on-line and it appears to available at a lot of places by mail. Both Territorial Seed stocks it and so does Seed Savers Exchange. Google either and you should be able to buy it.Good luck!

  3. Could be slugs they will be just under the ground under you plant. When I see a hole in any leaf I look for them and almost all the time I find them.