Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden Tour

Things are looking pretty good in the garden.  I spent a few hours in there this afternoon and it was the perfect day for it.  High 72, partly cloudy.  Not too hot, and the ground soft enough to pull weeds without much effort.  That's the way I like to work. 

The squash and zucchini are blooming.  I decided to put some straw around everything today, to help keep the weeds down.  I had a bale waiting to be used.  My neighbor was nice enough to give me the bale she used for fall decorating to use as mulch in my garden.  I'm going to use the remaining to mulch the pathways.  The less weeds, the better for me. 

This is a Hungarian Wax pepper that is setting fruit.  They are all doing nicely.  I saw a few Chili's on one plant as well.  Can't wait to put these babies away for chili and salsa. 

I need to get the Geraniums in the ground.  They're laying outside the fence waiting for my attention.  I'll be planting them as a companion to the peppers. 

These are Boston pickling cukes and dill.  Can't wait to make spicy refrigerator pickles out of these babies.  I used 2 t-posts that I had laying around and garden netting for the trellis.   I placed slicers on the other side.  I took this picture before I got the slicers in today.   

The Romas and bush beans are looking goodThe Beefsteak and Pink Brandy Wine, below, are coming along nicely. 

The Blue Lake french pole beans and bush beans are coming along too.    Do you mulch your beans? 

This is Miss Tilly.  Matilda has seen better days, so she was placed on the garbage truck at the end of the season last year.  Miss Tilly is missing her hat, and Mama can't find it.  I'll have to find a replacement in the coming weeks. 

I did plant peas and sunflowers today.  I didn't have any luck with the sunflowers last year and the groundhogs eat the peas down to the ground.  Hopefully this will be a better year.  Stay tuned for more developments in the Diva's Garden. 


  1. It's looking good, fellow Diva!!!!!

  2. Miss Tilly will need a hat being in the sun all day. :-)
    Your garden plants look very healthy. The straw mulch is a great way to keep moisture and reduce weeds. Very nice of the neighbor to share.

  3. It is all looking so good. Nice work.

  4. The garden looks wonderful. Ours, having just gone is, is a bit sick. Our home grown tomatoes were weak the begin with and the we had hail Thursday night. Wind today. Both very hard on plants. Hopefully the plants will overcome. Your garden is well tended and will thrive. Good work there Rosie.