Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have a black walnut tree in the back of my yard.  I've been finding walnut shells around my deck and was wondering how they got there.  I walked into my kitchen to fix a cup of coffee, and when I looked out the window I found this little fellow sitting on the deck rails.  I think I solved the mystery!   

As you know, I've been fighting groundhogs in the garden.  We trapped 6; however, 2 more have found themselves a home under my storage building.  I placed chicken wire loosely around the rabbit fencing leaving about 8 inches at an angle in hopes that they wouldn't dig under it.  These 2 are smart, they never appear when I'm home and they only dig on one side of the garden.  I've placed a few large stones along that fence line, so far I've blocked that side pretty good.  Hope I don't jinx myself, lol. I placed bricks along the backside of the fencing, so I would know if they were out.  This is what I found last week.  They've moved the bricks and bent the fencing pretty much to the ground.  Because it's loose, it's bending under their weight.  They did make it to a few tomatoes that were growing over the fence, but no major damage.   

Since I'm unable to relocate these little pests, I'm debating an electric fence for next year's garden.  I'm a little nervous about the idea, since I have a soon to be 4 year old grandson who loves to run around the yard.  Do any of you have an electric fence?  If not, how do you manage to keep the pests out your garden?  .  



  1. We have an electric fence, but it is to keep the horse in. You have quite a serious problem. Perhaps a dog could keep the critters scared away. You may have to get more aggressive in terms of eliminating the critters. Have your tried traps?

  2. Hi Ann - We trapped 6 this season. I can't relocate them in my state, so I have to call in a trapper to take them away. That can get expensive. I don't have a dog and really don't want the responsibility at this time. They're just like children and I'm done with having children, lol.

  3. Oh those darn groundhogs! We are lucky and haven't had any kind of pests in the garden. If we did I would shoot them...I wish you the best of luck getting rid of your pests!