Saturday, April 14, 2012

Garden's Tilled

I'll finally seeing some growth with my veggie plants.  I've transplanted quite a few and so far they're all doing great.  The exception is sweet peppers.  I only had two germinate, and they are struggling.  Not sure what the problem is with these little darlings, but I was successful and have transplanted many into bigger pots.   I kept a lot of my veggie/flower pots over the years. They have finally come in handy.  Here's a list of what I've transplanted so far:

3 Squash
5 Zucchini  (Hopefully, I can give a few of these away)
3 Cayenne
3 Chili
1 Hungarian Wax
2 Jalapeno
3 Cherokee Purple
2 Box Car Willie
1 Hillbilly
2 German Johnson
2 Kaki Coing
1 Crimson Watermelon
3 Sugar Baby Watermelon
2 Pumpkin

I saved my drinking cups for some of the plants and glad I did.  I had a few that were leggy, and wanted to plant them deep.  I used one of my hot glue guns to punch holes in the bottom of the cups.  It worked great. 

I have several flats that contain Brandy Wine, Paul Robeson and more hot peppers.  They have germinated, so I'm hoping to transplant them in the next week. I'll be adding Romas, green beans, and red onions to the garden as well. 

We finally got the garden tilled today.  We didn't make it as large as I wanted.  I ended up with a 25 x 25 instead of the 25 x 30 that I was hoping for.  We'll see how it works out.  The dirt is so fluffy.  It's like powder.  I'm hoping that I will not have to do much amending.  I'll have a soil analysis done later in the week.  Last year, I only added a light fertilizer.  I'm hoping that my compost that has been cooking for the past year will be enough this season. 

I need to figure out how I'm going to cage my tomatoes.  How do you cage your Heirlooms?  I may follow your lead. 


  1. Here is an idea for caging tomatoes -

    1. Thanks for sharing the picture. The case is similar to the Concrete Mesh cages I was thinking about. Need to figure out which is cheaper, and go with one or the other.

  2. I like that idea: using the glue gun to poke holes in cups. We used disposable plastic cups to start our seeds and, yes, the tomatoes are quite leggy. I am glad to hear that you are adding more soil to your leggy starters. Makes me feel better about doing it. It does feel good to get the garden tilled. While I don't run the tiller, it still feels good to have it done ready for planting. Have a good week.

  3. The glue gun works great. I let it heat 5 - 10 minutes before using and it goes right through. I started my seedlings in peat pots and than transferred them to pots or cups. If I need to take them deeper, I use the plastic cups. I can't handle the tiller either, I watch and instruct, lol. You have a good week too! Post a few pictures of your seedlings.