Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My First Tomato Harvest

I spent the week-end pulling weeds in the garden, and was able to harvest a few peppers and the most pathetic tomato that I've ever seen.  The tomato shown is a Beefsteak or suppose to be one.  I was so happy that I hadn't seen many cracks and blemishes on my tomatoes weeks ago, and this is what I found waiting for me.  I was so elated to see my first red tomato I literally ran to it.  This is my first tomato of the year, WTH!  What a disappointment.  Into the compost bin it goes, but I just had to share the picture.  I turned it over and over trying to figure out how I could get a nice slice for a BLT.  It would take a rocket scientist to come up with a solution for this poor excuse of a tomato.  I pray that this is not an indication of what is to come in my garden.  I'm going to think positive.  Afterall, I don't have anywhere to go but up, lol.   

On the flip side, my peppers are doing great.  I was able to harvest chili and a few Hungarian Wax at various stages of maturity.  I'm going to freeze these for chili. 

 It looks like I better grow tougher skin if I'm going to remain a kitchen gardener.  My grandson looked at the tomato and said, "Mawmaw, put that back.  Only get the good ones".  Gotta love them!     



  1. The first tomato is always the highlight of my gardening year! Enjoy.