Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Repotting Seedlings

I have sprouts.  The top picture are French Dwarf Marigolds that germinated on my dining room table.  I planted them with the intention of winter sowing them.  I left them on the table and when I went to set them outside I noticed that they had already sprouted.  I set them under the grow lights for about and week and they took off.  I repotted them this past week in this flat.  Hopefully they will continue to flourish.  My plan is to put them in the garden.  I like to place them between my tomato plants and anywhere else I can find a spot.  They did well last year. 

Here are a few plants that I repotted over the week-end.  So far I have repotted the following:

2 Tiffen Mennonites
2 Crook Neck Squash
2 Zucchinni
2 Jalepenos
2 Salt & Peppers cukes
8 National Pickling cukes
1 Early Girl
2 Cilantro
2 Dill
2 White Belle
2 Mixed Belle

I planted Basil, but it's not looking good.  I'll plant a few more this week.  Hopefully I'll have better luck.   

These are Dahlias that have sprouted using the winter sowing method.  This is my first time using winter sowing.  It looks like 1 sunflower has sprouted as well.  I have about 10 tomato plants that are being winter sowed, so I'm hoping they will germinate.  I did start tomatoes inside just in case I'm unsuccessful.  If both methods work, I'll have more tomato plants that I can use.  Not to worry though, I'm sure I can find someone to take them off my hands at the office. 

I found these fabulous 5" pots at Big Lots.  I couldn't pass them up, 36 for $4.00.  I love that store.  I got 36 3" peat posts for $3.00.  I'm hoping to use the 5" for my sunflowers.  If my tomatoes get too big in the cups, wishful thinking, I'll repot them in these as well.  These pots are made out of a mesh type material that can be directly planted in the garden.  How's your indoor sowing going?  




  1. I've certainly got to get on the ball! I haven't started my seeds yet! But I will this weekend! You've just inspired me! Your babies look wonderful!

  2. @Audra Russell - I started early this year. I usually don't get my garden in until the end of May or early June. I'm shooting for Mother's Day this year.

  3. My peppers, eggplants and artichokes are doing well inside under lights and on heat mats. I am also having success with my winter sowing plants. It seems like everyday something new is popping up. I love it! I am planning on starting my tomato seeds this weekend. Rhonda your seedlings are looking great. Happy growing!

  4. @4theluvofgardening - I don't know why I didn't start gardening sooner. I love it. So far everything is sprouting and doing well except my basil. I'm going to try planting a few more seeds.

  5. Rhonda, have you ever made your own pots from newspaper? I make mine from telephone book pages (finally found a use for that beast and the Chicago phone book will last forever). I like using that better than the pots as those don't break down completely and they cost money. You can google around for pot making tutorials but don't go with the origami style. Too time consuming. Do the "roll it around a jar" method and you'll be knocking out a couple of dozen at a time just watching TV or whatever. My grand kids like making them for me.

    1. Yes, I made pots out of newspaper last season. I used my canning jars as the frame for lack of a better word to make them. I actually prefer the peat pots versus paper when I'm germinating seeds inside. I move them to the newspaper pots after they've germinated & need to be repotted. I find it easier to use drinking cups that I save for repotting now. Less time than making newspaper pots.