Sunday, June 26, 2011

Garden Warrior?

I'm looking for a solution to ward off the intruders in my veggie garden.  Do you think this guy will do the trick?  This is the greeter at one of my favorite farmer's markets.  You can see him a mile away beckoning you to come and partake of the beautiful flowers and veggies being offered.  I guess they will see me less often, as my goal is to grow my own, but I will always find him adorable. 


  1. Lol! he's cute... Yeah my goal too, is to one day to be completely shelf reliant when it comes to at least fresh vegetables. I share your endeavor. I would also like to find and get to know farmers who sale free range chickens and grass feed cows. The commercial farm animals that we eat from the supermarkets are in scary shape! ....They taste scary too!

  2. @Vetsy - I know what you mean about commerical farm animals. Fortunately, one of my brother in laws raises Black Angus beef, all grass feed. The taste is unbelievable. He also raises chicken, which he feeds grain & corn that he grows on his farm. I'm looking for another freezer, we have 1/2 beef and lots of chicken coming to us. Can't wait.