Friday, June 17, 2011

The Plants Are Making Beautiful Music In The Garden

Yep, the male and female blooms on my squash plant have formed a beautiful relationship.  Mother has given birth to 4 or 5 lovely Crook Neck squash on each of my plants.  I'm tempted to remove some of the blooms and fry them, but my desire to see veggies produced is greater than my desire to eat those fat blooms.  So, I've decided to leave them.   I wasn't aware that you could eat the blooms until last year when I was doing research on a pumpkin plant that had sprouted in my front yard.  I have to definitely try the blooms. 

This is the minature pumpkin plant that I was referring to.  I just sprouted one day and brought my grandson joy later in the fall.  He was able to pick pumpkins in Mama's front yard.
A Roma has finally appeared.  As a matter of fact, all of the tomatoes seem to be doing great.  I'm hoping they will become bushier, but as it stands they're progressing.   Does anyone have any ideas how I can help them become bushier?  I'm wondering if I planted them deep enough.  Next year I'm going to dig a trench and lay them down.  I meant to do that his year, but when I finally started planting I became so excited the thought just left my headI guess this happens for us first timers, lol.  Seriously, I do become passionate with my hobbies.  I'm the same way when I scrapbook, crochet or make crafts.  

I have a few red onions sprouting.  I'm actually surprised they surfaced.  The bulbs didn't look that great when I took them out of the package.  I purchased them off the clearance rack at WalMart.  I hope they taste better than they looked.  I love red onions on my burgers in the summer.  One of my brother in laws raises Black Angus Beef, so I'm anticipating laying these babies on great burgers this summer.   


  1. Thanks for visiting my Blog! The greenhouse that I use right now is actually my sisters. It is a lean-to greenhouse that uses one wall of th shop as its back wall. It seems small, but it holds a whole lot of stuff. With the cool, wet Spring we have had in Oreogn, it has been a real lifesaver for me. She bought it last year. It was a bit hard to put together, but it is really well made. If you google Juliana Greenhouse you will see the one she got. Hope this helps! I dream of one day owning a nice 10 foot walk in greenhouse.

  2. Rhonda, your garden is looking lovely. Before long you will be reaping the benefits of your hard work. I hope to get my pumpkins planted this week.

  3. Hello! I love your squashes. I am growing swuahse is zone 9, the heat seems to struck my plants sometimes. nice to see someone grows them too!
    if you'd like you can visit my blog too! :)