Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seed Sprouts

I have a sprout!  Actually, I have several.  Last night I had none, this morning I had 5.  For the experienced gardeners, is this how the sprouts are suppose to look for heirloom tomatoes?  This is a German Johnson, but my Cherokee Purple and Boxcar Willie look exactly the same. 

I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it.  I thought the sprout would be shorter, and I certainly wasn't expecting germination so quickly.  It has two leaves as expected, it's just tall.  When I realized I had sprouts, I immediately removed the cling wraps.  I haven't put together my grow lights yet, so I had to set them in the window.  Hopefully, the lights will be put together tomorrow.   I didn't realize the picture was blurry until I loaded it onto the computer.  I hope someone can see enough of the sprout and can let me know if I'm on track with the seedling process, and will leave me a comment on how I should proceed. 

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  1. Quite exciting isn't it? We are starting seedlings, but they are struggling. I was thinking just yesterday just how good a garden fresh tomato would taste. Good luck.