Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived and I'm so excited.  I'm going to attempt to germinate my veggie seeds this year.  I've decided to try heirloom tomatoes.  Here's a few of my tomato packets that I've been admiring all day.  They're just like a big chocolate candy bar to me, at least that's the effect they're having on me.  I'm salivating just thinking about plucking a fresh tomato this summer and slicing it with a little mayo and pepper.  I can't get enough of them.

I so enjoyed the tomatoes that I canned for soup and chili this winter.  They were as fresh and delicious as they were last summer.  I decided to plant Hillbilly, German Johnson, Cherokee Purple, Paul Robeson, Kaki Coing (a bonus pack),  and Roma tomatoes.  Pole beans, squash, cucumber (slicers & pickling), zucchini, Sugar Baby water melon, and lots of peppers this year.  

I'll start my seedlings this week-end.  Since this will be my first year at this endeavor, I'm hoping that I'll be successful.  I didn't buy a heating mat, I decided to use my baseboard heaters for germination.   I can regulate the temperature with the heaters or use the top of my fridge.  I'll let you know if it works for me.  I did buy a 4 foot grow light.  Not sure if I will use it or if I will set up a table and just use the light from my kitchen door.  Research has shown that if I turn the plants so they don't reach for the light, I should be okay. 

What are you planting this year?  How do you germinate your seeds?  I'm a novice gardener, so any tips would be appreciated. 


  1. how exciting! I am going to try and start some of my seeds inside this year too. GOOD LUCK

  2. We planted our seeds last Sunday. I have picture our them on my current post. We used plastic cups and potting soil. We spay them down a couple of times a day to keep them moist. I am hoping that they get enough light in the basement. While the window is quite large and there is a a lot of natural light, I hope it is enough. You gotta try. Keeping seeds moist is the biggest thing.

  3. We had pretty good luck with Cherokee purple last year. Our black cherry heirloom out-performed all of them though if we judge it by taste and productivity.
    I was salivating at you talking about slicing into fresh tomatoes too! Each time this year I really miss my fresh maters and cukes!