Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garden Tour - Now and Than


The Blue Lake pole beans are filling in nicely around the teepee trellis.  They've made it to the first rung on the teepee and continue to climb.   

The Boston Pickling and Straight Eight cumbers have progressed and starting to climb the netting.  I'm hoping for a good crop this season for salads and pickles.  Wished I had planted a few salt and pepper, but there's always next season. 


Tomato Row is looking good.  I see lots of canning and BLTs in my future.  I have two volunteers, below.  It will be interesting to see what emerges.  The two volunteers will make 16 tomato plants for the season.  I had several volunteers in the perennial garden, but I pulled those.   

Check out my neighbor's tomato patch.  I love the circle idea.  I'm assuming they're hybrids since he uses the small cages.  I wonder if it would work with heirlooms?  I also wonder how I would get to the center to harvest, lol.  Okay, scratch that idea.  My arms aren't that long. 

                                                  My neighbor's tomato patch.


My yellow and white onions are doing great.  Wish I could say the same for my garlic, it didn't come up.  Anyone have any ideas as to why?  I'm wondering if it was the soil.  I wished I had planted red onions.  I'll add them next season, but I do have one lone volunteer.  I'll allowing it to go to seed, and will hopefully start my own red onions bunches for planting next spring. 

I purchased the yellow flowers from my favorite nursery, but didn't keep the tag.  I have no idea what they are, but I love them in the garden.  They look like a variation of the marigold.  


It's amazing how a few weeks can make a difference with the plants.  My peppers are doing pretty good.  I have chilies and banana peppers and few white belle.  My first year for the white belle.  I'm anxious to see how they do.   I planted a mixture of chilies, yellow, purple and red I also have a Purple Beauty and jalapeno and Hungarian Wax.  What's happening in your garden?


  1. Your garden looks great! So far we have not got to bring any tomatoes in for dinner since my little boy eats the tiny cherry ones before they make it to the table! Our heirlooms are almost ready though.

    1. Thanks. My tomatoes aren't close to being ready. I hope to be slicing and making fresh salsa soon. Until then, I'll keep dreaming of huge BLTs and large scoops of fresh salsa!

  2. Just found your blogs by looking for "Mother" blogs, and I am enjoying them. I'm saving this one as a "favorite" on my computer so I can check back. Thanks! Martha from Kansas

  3. I found your blogs by searching for "Mother" blogs and I am enjoying them very much. I will be checking back. Thanks so much! Martha from Kansas