Friday, July 12, 2013

Growing Bigger Onions

I planted yellow and white onions this year from sets and they're doing well.  So sorry that I didn't plant red.  This is my first year, so I'm anxious to put a few to the taste test.  They've gotten larger than I expected.  It seems the secret is to keep the weeds away, looks like I have some work to do, but allow the bulbs to set above ground and continue to grow.  I've learned that some gardeners cut the tops back to 3 - 4 inches to steady them from strong winds and to keep them from blocking the bulbs of other onions.  Do you cut your onion tops back?

My mini white belle peppers have emerged and look great.  Can't white to taste these babies with a few sausages this week-end along with a few of my onions.  What type of onions do you grow?  Let us know how you store them?



  1. I grew onions for the first time last year. Couldn't believe how easy they were. I just pulled my reds last week and they're in the shed drying. My Copras are still in the ground. I've never heard about cutting the tops or about the weeds. If that's true mine are doomed. I've got Bermuda growing all over them. Can't weed it out as it dislodges the onion.

    I guess we'll see. Good luck with yours!

  2. I agree, they are easy. Don't know why I waited so long. Especially with the sets. I've never heard of Copra onions. I'll have to Google them & may add them to my list for next season. My garlic was a total failure! I'm going to try again this fall.

  3. I grow onion sets every year and they always do pretty well. I have learned it is important to water them often when they are forming the bulbs. I never heard of cutting the tops back. I grew yellow, white and red this year. I pulled up half of them and they are drying on my back porch. Yours look great!

    1. Yes, many gardeners cut them back several times a year. I'm going to try the idea with a few. I'm going to experiment with a few. I'll keep you posted.