Saturday, July 2, 2011

Buffalo Burgers Anyone?

We visited one of the local farmer's today to pick up a fresh peach pie and other fresh fruit for the BQ on the 4th, and to see the baby buffalo that were born there a few months ago Our timing was perfect, it was dinner time and the herd was being feed their favorite treat, corn and molasses.  It was my first time seeing a herd of Buffalo running for dinner.  I have to learn to put the video camera in my car, it's moments like this that you want to capture.   The buffalo are feed this sweet treat to help keep them tame, and if for some reason they escape the fencing this treat will help bring them back home.   My grandson was not pleased with the "ugly things" as he called them.  He has a problem with animals whose fur is matted or woolly, i.e. llamas, bison etc.  Bison/buffalo shed their winter coats this time of year, so their appearance was not the most flattering.  He opted to see the cows and goats on the farm. 

Here's a mother and her new calf.  I was quite surprised to see the contrast in color of the calf.  They are a light brown, not nearly as dark as the other members in the herd.  Although they nurse up to 18 months if their mother is not expecting, this calf joined the party and nibbled on the corn and molasses too.  The other 3 calves stayed close behind, but they didn't partake of the goodies.   They herd is up to 15 now, they started with  4 - 5 bison about 4 years ago. 

I'm a big fan of buffalo burgers, and was thrilled when the owner of the market was advertising that they would start selling burgers in the near future.  Bison is as lean a meat as it gets.  I had my first Buffalo Burger during a business trip in Ogden, Utah.  Besides Black Angus beef, it was the best burger that I've ever eaten.   Jeremiah's  has been voted as having the best burgers in Northern Utah.  If you're ever in the area, you must try Jeremiah's.  Their bison are grass feed; it doesn't get any better than grass feed beef or bison.  Their breakfast is as good as the lunch, so you can't go wrong.  Are you a fan of Buffalo Burgers?  If not, you must try one.  You won't be disappointed. 

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  1. Okay I'm convinced, I'll try it if I find it on a menu in a restaurant one day. I was once tricked into eating fried alligator.

    It was a class project for a speech class back in college several years ago.

    My classmate sliced and fried it in such a way that it could not be recognize by us while we were testing it.

    It was crispy, and the meat of it was white, and light in texture. It tasted like sunfish or crappie. I was really shocked when I found out it was a gator!...

    But will I try it again? Yep it was good.