Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Harvest and Childhood Memories

I'm so excited about my first harvest.  Not much, but it's worth a million bucks to me.  I was able to harvest a cucumber, crook neck squash, and a few hot banana peppers.  I'll be sauting the squash on the grill tomorrow and using the cucumber and hot peppers in a salad for tomorrow's BQ as well.  My daugher is a big fan of anything hot and spicy, so she will enjoy these.  Update - I have harvested 2 additional squash and another cucumber since I started this post.  Use your imagination for the additional veggies in the basket, lol. 

This is my grandson harvesting a few peppers.  He is so enjoying his first garden experience with Mama.  He currently lives in a beach town, so he only experiences the country life when he visits me.  I'm a country girl born and raised in a small town, and to me there's no better way to be raised.  My grandparents lived off the land, at least one set of grandparents did.  They raised their own vegetables and meat, so it's in the blood.   I was required to spend a couple of weeks on their farmette each summer (had to give my parents a break, lol).  I didn't appreciate the experience at that point in my life, but oh how I've grown.  I have a new appreciation for the earth and it's capabilities I truly understand what Living Off the Land means now.   I didn't understand the role of a grandparent at that time either.  I look back over my life, and I wish I had spent more time on the farm.  I have vivid memories of picking strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries right off the vine and popping them in mouth.  I want my grandson to have these memories as well.  Not long ago, it would have been impossible to get him to eat any fruit.  He loves strawberries and cherries.  I see a cherry tree in my future!

Granddaddy grow the sweetest corn and tomatoes the size of our heads.  He used pig manure in his garden If I only had his gardening knowledge now.  Why didn't I pay attention?  I've been digging in the recesses of my grumbling brain, and trying to pull out any knowledge that may have been retained.  Never in a million years did I think that one day I would plant a garden, can fruit and vegetables and become a grandmother.  I would do anything to spend another day with grandma and granddaddy.  The questions would be endless now. 

                                                                Look Mama!

I've already decided to expand my little garden next year.  I'll be putting in a berry patch, planting onions, carrots, and corn next season.  My grandfather's garden seem endless.  He planted enough for all of children (8) to feed their families during the winter as well as him and grandma.  Those who took from the garden had to harvest and can their bounty.   He raised chickens, pigs and cows as well.  I have fond memories of the smoke and chicken houses!   Fresh eggs were fried or scrambled for breakfast or used to make delicious cakes, pies and biscuits. 

I look forward to walking around the garden each morning and evening now to see what nature has left for me.  The tomatoes and pepper plants are producing lots of fruit.  Can't wait to post a picture of my first red tomato and gather enough pole beans for a fresh pot of green beans and corn.  What strides are you making in your garden?   Do you have memories of your grandparents garden?  Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about your childhood experience.   


  1. awesome first harvest! i lvoe squashes!

  2. Congrats to your harvest and many more to come as you plan for your future garden next year.

    I love your story and fond memories. Your grandson is a cutie pie, what fond memories he is going to have, he is a very lucky little boy to have a grandma that loves to garden and explore.

  3. Great harvest. I can see the additional veggies. I can!
    So nice to see your grandson helping in the garden. He will benefit so much from helping you.
    Most of my grandparents were gone by the time I came along, but I'm a farm girl and mom and dad had a big garden in addition to the crops. Every visit to a great aunt and uncle's place or other friend or relative ALWAYS included a "let's go out and look at the garden" break from the visiting. I saw a lot of gardens growing up.

  4. Your grandson is too precious! What a nice post. My grandparents didn't have a garden but I have great memories of them. And hey, a harvest is a harvest. Congrats!