Monday, May 23, 2011

Do You Like My New Containers?

Do you like my new pots?  I found these at the local Dollar General for $5.00 each.  I just had to have them for my deck.  I love lady bugs and butterflies, so when I saw them I immediately grabbed them.  So glad I did, when I returned there were none left.  Does this happen to you - You go to the store for something, but if they have anything relating to gardening it finds a way into your cart. 

I spent a ton of money at Lowes this week-end.  I had to purchase fencing for my veggie garden.  I needed new shearers for the shrubs, and they were having a sale on their annuals.  I headed to Wal-Mart next and spent a ton of money there too,  I needed two plant stands for these pots, lol.  I love wrought iron, and of course that's what they had and I had to  have them too.   Price wasn't bad either.  I really need to hit a few yard sales or flea markets this year.  Another passion of mine.  I'm hoping to find a few unique items to use as containers or things for my garden. 

Anyway, I've been planting all week-end.  When I'm putting together new pots, I crumble a few of the plastic containers that I'm throwing away since I don't plant from seed yet, and place them in the new pots.  This cuts down on the amount of potting soil that you have to use to fill the pot and helps with drainage.   I've been using this trick for years, and it works.  The best part is that the money I save on potting soil, I use for a new plant

I just cover the crumbled containers with potting soil and compost and plant whatever I have.  I'm planting tiny tot glads and a sweet potato vine in these pots.  This will be the first time that I used Glads and sweet potato vines in my containers,  so stay tuned for their progress.


  1. Hi Rhonda, I do like your new containers. The tip of crumpling the plastic containers is a fantastic tip!

    I was so sorry to hear of Linda's passing too. It seems we can all be connected, if only virtually yet we are affected all the same by such a loss.

  2. @Tina - She inspired me so with her posts and photos. She's going to be missed in the gardening blog world. I just went back and ready a few of her posts.

  3. Your containers are pretty nice! And not a bad price either. What kind of fencing do you use around your vegetable garden? We've had deer and rabbit issues in the past. Our fence seems to deter them a bit but doesn't quite stop them.

  4. @Dave, I purchased rabbit fencing. We took it down into the ground about 3 inches so they won't dig under it. I'm trying these granule repellents by Sweeney around the perimeter too. I picked it up at the local Tractor & Farm supply store. Hoping that it will work. The reviews that I found were good.

  5. That's a great idea to save potting soil in your planters! And those are such cute container you found! If you are a wino like me, save your corks and put those in the containers as well. They save space and they retain moisture.

  6. Hi Ronda.. like you, I love to shop at discount stores because they often have the cutest stuff.

    The Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are a few that I frequent for cute little garden stuff like pots and other garden novelties. Yes..I really like your containers they're adorable!

    Stop by Vetsy's View for a chat sometimes I'd love chatting with you more in the future.

    Sorry for the loss of your garden blogging friend.

  7. Love your new pots, I will have to stop at our Dollar general!