Monday, May 16, 2011

Soil Analysis Test - The Results Are In

I did a soil analysis test this week-end to see if my garden soil was lacking or contained too much of anything before I set out my veggies in the next two weeks.  The results are in.  My PH level was 7.0 which is great.  The nitrogen was medium, phosphorus was medium, but the potassium level was high.  My research showed that a high potassium level is not unusual if the PH level is 6 - 7. 

To correct a high potassium level, it was suggested that I stop using commerical fertilizer.  That's not a solution for me because I don't use commerical fertilizer.   In fact, I have never used commerical fertilizer in any area in my yard.  My acre was used as a pig pen by the farmer next door, so it was well fertilized, lol.  To amend the soil, I just need to add  a little compost.  Since I just started my compost bins, I'll have to purchase commerical compost.  Thankfully, I will never have to use it again.  I've just started a second compost bin and my neighbor has agreed to give me all her fall leaves and grass doing the mowing season.  She usually has about 30 or 40 bags of leaves each fall, so I should have plenty of black gold for the fall when I plant flower bulbs and my vegetable garden next spring.  

For now, I'll have to wait for the soil to dry out over the next few days.  We've been given our fair share of rain and a few others state's as well during the month of April and May.  Right now the soil is too damp to work in the compost.  The soil is sticking together when I squeeze it, it should crumble and fall to the ground when released.  I have two weeks before I start planting, so hopefully I can find a few days with lots of sunshine to get the compost worked into the ground.

Have you had a soil analysis done on your soil?  What was the result? 

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