Friday, May 20, 2011

Gladiolus Are Coming Up

Can you see the Gladiolus coming up?  I've had great success with my lilies, so this time I planted Gladiolus.  I'm so excited to see them growing.  I planted 6 in this area and all 6 are making progress.  I planted these bulbs 2 weeks ago, so I'm surprised that they would come up so quickly.  After I saw these 6 peeping through, I grabbed the bag where I had a few others stored and popped 6 more in the ground in another area.  It is suggested that you stagger the plantings, so you'll have growth throughout the season.   

I love yellow, so I decided to plant yellow this season.  I love cut flowers in my home, and Gladiolus make great cut flowers.  I planting a few behind my vegetable garden too.  I plan to use them in my foyer and great room through out the summer.  Are you a Gladiolus fan?  I would love to know your success and if you lift them in the fall.  Stayed tuned for more pictures of their progress.


  1. It is so exciting when those little guys we planted finally stick their heads out of the ground. I will look forward to seeing their progress. I have not plants glads yet, but hope to someday.

    Have a great weekend, Rhonda

  2. I love my glads! I use companion gardening in my garden so I actually have an area where my glads are interplanted with lettuce, radishes, and bush beans. I leave my glad bulbs in the ground year round. Good luck with your glads! They are so beautiful and so easy! What a treat!

  3. @Noelle, I'm going to do companion planting in the vegetable too. I'm using a combination of marigolds, zinna, petunias, and glads. Glad to know that they're easy to grow. I was wondering what Zone you're in? It's suggested that they be lifted in areas that get frost, snow etc.

  4. @Lorie, I'll let you know how mine progress.