Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Color - Azaleas and Rhododendrons Have Come To Life

I love the shade of this Azalea.  The pink is so soft.  I was hoping to have all of the beds mulched, but it rained just about every day during the month of April putting me behind on everything that needs to be taken care of outside.  Inspite of the beds being in a shabby condition, I'm enjoying the color. 

Rain is in the forecast the entire week-end, so I'm hoping to pull weeds a few evenings this week.  When I purchased these Azaleas, I thought I had purchased 2 red.  At least that's what the marker in the pot said.  When they bloomed, I had 1 red and 1 pink.  I decided to live with it.  It adds a little excitement to the bed, lol. 

My Rhododendron has lots of blooms this year.  It has become one of my favorites in the gardens.  This Rhododendron was suppose to be white.  It is lavender.  Yep, you guessed it.  I purchased it from the same garden center as the mislabeled Azaleas.  I'm looking forward to seeing the blooms opening in the next week or two.  Stayed tuned for more pictues.           

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  1. Your azaleas look great. I think it's nice to have different colors, even if it wasn't what you intended, LOL. Looking forward to seeing more of your blooms. Thanks for stopping by my site!