Sunday, May 15, 2011

Slogger Boot Review

Do you love my new garden boots?  I love the print and just had to have these.  They're made by Slogger, who specializes in garden gear.  This company makes boots and garden clogs in fun prints and colors.  I already have a pair of garden clogs and knee high Hunter Wellies, so I thought I would try the calf boots.  Just because I'm digging dirt doesn't mean that I can't look good, lol.   

I love these boots because they are made well and the price was great.  I believe in quality, but I want it at a bargain price.  I'm normally up early, so I decided to get my gardening out the way early on the week-ends when possible.  With that in mind the grass will be wet, so my main goal is to keep my feet dry.   As you can see, the sole is nice and thick.  Slipping on wet grass and rocks is not a concern.  

I found these ankle boots made by Slogger at one of our local Farm Supply stores and I had to have these too.  They come in three fun colors:  blue, green, and red.  I purchased the blue.  I wear the ankle boots when I'm working in the shrubbery beds or making a trip to the compost bin.  The compost bin is on the far side of the yard, so I have to walk through the grass to get to it if I go early in the morning or it's raining.  They're easy to clean, and oh so comfortable.   

If you're looking for a nice pair of garden boots at a reasonable price, consider Sloggers.  I own a pair of Hunter Wellies, and I absolutely them, but these Sloggers serve the same purpose for a lot less.   

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